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Automotive E-Rickshaw Battery

Automotive E-Rickshaw Battery

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Automotive E-Rickshaw Battery is designed to distribute power to the motor, music & lighting system and varied other equipments of rickshaw. This battery ensures constant performance, superb acceleration, zero-emission, quiet operation, and others. It is well made up of high insulation container, sulfuric acid, positive & negative terminal, gas vents, lead oxide, etc. Easy to charge & maintain, the Automotive E-Rickshaw Battery can easily be carried as it is fitted with sturdy two handles. Additionally, clients can avail the battery in multiple capacities and models from us.

General Features:

  • Airtight structure helps us to install battery in any direction only excepting inversion.
  • Different ways of application: It can be floating use, and also be cycling use.
  • Reliability: The streamlined valve is particularly engineered so as to make the battery long lasting and reliable.
  • Greater longevity: It can be utilized for six hundred times at the temp of 25 oC, only when maintained constantly, it can be utilized for eight hundred times.
Salient Features:
  • Great specific energy and large capacity: These adopt national patent technology and supreme class raw materials, and feature excellent performance of wide current discharge and large capacity.
  • Longer Service Life: In standard state DOD 80%, which is a latest national standard can cycle for 600 to 800 times.
  • Outstanding Low-temp Performance: These batteries possess supreme low-temperature charge as well as discharge acceptance, preventing sharp rejection of mileages of progression for the battery in winter.
  • Improved consistency: A latest generation of patented formula as well as advanced special pioneering technique ensure the long lasting consistency of varied sections of battery in serial operation.
  • Environmental Friendly: It has completely sealed body design and is free from any leaking as well as acid mist diffusion. This battery can be placed and utilized in any directions safely and reliably.